Daichi Mamura
Biographical Information
Kanji 馬村 大地
Rōmaji Mamura Daichi
Animal in Name Horse (馬)
Also Known As Mini-Mamura (by Suzume)
Physical Statistics
Gender Male
Hair Color Light
Eye Color Dark
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Daiki Mamura (older brother)
Daishi Mamura (older brother)
Manga day.22

Daichi Mamura (馬村 大地, Mamura Daichi) is the younger brother of Daiki Mamura and Daishi Mamura, making him the youngest member of the Mamura family.


Like his older brother, Daichi has light-colored hair that is a tad unkempt. Due to their similarities, he is referred to as "Mini-Mamura" by Suzume when she first sees him. Because of this, it can also be assumed he too has blond hair and red eyes.


Daichi is shown to be immature, having teased his older brother for having a "girlfriend" (referring to Suzume), although that is not unusual considering his age. 


In Mamura's flashbacks, he was seen crying and stopping his mother from leaving their house.


  • He, like his two brothers, has the character "dai" (大) in his first name.
  • The animal in Daichi's name, horse (馬), is the "ma" in "Mamura." Though 馬 is normally read as "uma" when standalone, due to kanji having multiple readings, it is the "ma" in this case.



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