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Everything about the manga Hirunaka no Ryuusei (ひるなかの流星), also known as Daytime Shooting Star, by Yamamori Mika (やまもり三香) can be found here!

This series is published in the magazine Margaret, which comes out on a biweekly basis.


15-year-old country girl Suzume Yosano has to move to Tokyo to live with her uncle due to her father's transfer. She bumps into a mysterious man who ends up taking her to her uncle's place after she gets lost. Turns out, Suzume will be seeing him a lot more often once she starts school because...he's actually her homeroom teacher!

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Satsuki Shishio is Suzume's high school teacher, as well as her uncle's friend. Shishio initially meets Suzume at a bus station, where she thinks of him as looking weird due to his odd clothing. However, not soon after discovering he was her homeroom teacher, Suzume begins to fall for him. When the two begin to engage each other romantically, however, one of Shishio's other students—a boy named Mamura—finds out, instead disagreeing with their relationship. Eventually, Shishio also begins to question the morality and social acceptance of he and Suzume being together.
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Currently, nine volumes of Hirunaka no Ryuusei have been released within Japan.

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There are also been sixty-six chapters of Hirunaka no Ryuusei that have been published.

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