Mamura's father
Biographical Information
Kanji 馬村
Rōmaji Mamura
Animal in Name Horse (馬)
Physical Statistics
Gender Male
Hair Color Light
Eye Color Light
Professional Status
Occupation -
Personal Status
Relatives Daishi Mamura (eldest son)
Daiki Mamura (middle son)
Daichi Mamura (youngest son)
Mamura's mother (ex-wife)
Manga day.22

Mamura's father is the father of Mamura and his little brother Daichi, as well as the two's older brother Daishi. He used to be married to Mamura's mother, but the two eventually divorced following an affair she was having at work.


Like his children, Mamura's father has light-colored hair. It is combed and more tame than either of his sons' hair. He also has wrinkles near his eyes.


Mamura's father is a caring, older man. Due to his wife having divorced him, he has been raising Mamura and Daichi single-handedly, though Daishi was already in middle school by that time. Besides being able to cook well, among other things, he worries about his sons. Because of this, he is glad when Mamura meets Suzume, saying that it's all because of her that Mamura has opened up to women, as before he was not used to them in the slightest.


  • He and his family live in a large house.
  • His three sons all share the character "dai" (大) in their names.
  • The animal in his name, horse (馬), is the "ma" in "Mamura." Though 馬 is normally read as "uma" when standalone, due to kanji having multiple readings, it is the "ma" in this case.



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