Mamura's mother
Biographical Information
Kanji 馬村 (formerly)
Rōmaji Mamura (formerly)
Animal in Name Horse (馬) (formerly)
Physical Statistics
Gender Female
Hair Color Light
Professional Status
Occupation Office worker (possibly)
Personal Status
Relatives Daishi Mamura (eldest son)
Daiki Mamura (middle son)
Daichi Mamura (youngest son)
Mamura's father (ex-husband)
Manga day.78

Mamura's mother is the mother of both Mamura and his little brother Daichi, as well as their older brother Daishi. She divorced from Mamura's father following an affair she was having with a superior at her work.


Like her children and ex-husband, she has light-colored hair, although her face was never shown. She is seen wearing a business suit in Mamura's memories.

She is only ever depicted without having a face, perhaps indicating how either her face has been forgotten by Mamura due to how long ago she divorced her husband, or otherwise perhaps due to him blocking her out of his memories, as multiple times she is cited as the reason behind his dislike and mistrust of women.


Although not much of a personality was shown during the chapter she was depicted in, she was notably always late whenever she picked up Mamura from kindergarten when he was younger. Mamura always considered her as the only person he opened his heart to, which ended suddenly when she revealed her affair and divorced from Mamura's father.


Mamura's mother was originally mentioned at the beginning of the series, when Suzume is talking to Mamura about his family life. She is also later brought up when Mamura is walking Suzume home from his house. However, she has never made an actual appearance outside of Mamura's flashbacks.

She is also primarily the reason why Mamura doesn't trust girls. She was the only person Mamura had opened his heart to, but chose to leave him and his brothers.

In Mamura's flashback, she is seen running to pick up Mamura from kindergarten. She says that she is sorry for always being late, then gives Mamura a present of a cartoon figure that had appeared on a show he had been watching.

A short time later, Mamura and two brothers watch from a far how she gives the divorce papers to Mamura's father, saying that she all loves them very much, but she has another important person she loves the same amount. She then leaves with a toddler Daichi crying and trying to stop her.


  • Her three sons all share the character "dai" (大) in their names.
  • Like her son, Daishi, as well as Sa-chan, she has only been seen in the final chapter—day.78—within Mamura's flashbacks.
  • The animal formerly in Mamura's mother's name, horse (馬), is the "ma" in "Mamura." Though 馬 is normally read as "uma" when standalone, due to kanji having multiple readings, it is the "ma" in this case.


  • Mamura's mother picking him up from kindergarten
  • Mamura's mother giving the divorce papers to Mamura's father


(To young Mamura) I'm sorry I'm always late.[1]

(To young Mamura) Daiki, you're not used to showing happiness, are you?[2]

(To Mamura's father) I'm sorry. I love Daishi, Daiki, and Daichi and everyone very much. But I have another important person that I love just the same.[3]


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