Tsubomi Kashima
Tsubomi Profile
Biographical Information
Kanji 鹿島 つぼみ
Rōmaji Kashima Tsubomi
Animal in Name Deer (鹿)
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Birthday September 7th
Age 29-30 (day.16)
35 (The Guy Next Door)
Physical Statistics
Gender Female
Height 162 cm (5'5")
Weight 43 kg (95 lbs)
Blood Type AB
Hair Color Light
Professional Status
Occupation Photographer
Personal Status
Relatives -
Manga day.16

Tsubomi Kashima (鹿島 つぼみ, Kashima Tsubomi) is a famous, professional photographer who travels the world to take pictures. She is also Yukichi Kumamoto's friend and the ex-girlfriend of Satsuki Shishio


Tsubomi has light-colored short hair that stops at her upper neck with light-colored eyes. She is tall and usually wears a t-shirt with jeans. 


Tsubomi is extremely perceptive when it comes to relationships and has even surprised Suzume, Shishio, and Mamura with the knowledge she uses before acting.  She is also a very confident person.


Tsubomi first appears outside of Suzume's school. She greets Shishio with his first name, "Satsuki," making Suzume instantly know that Tsubomi is Shishio's ex-girlfriend, since Shishio had just told her that the one who used to call him "Satsuki" was his ex-girlfriend. 

Being Shishio's ex-girlfriend, Tsubomi could easily see underneath Shishio as a person. Because of that, she would speak what was on her mind to him.

She appears once again in Chapter 66. When she gets back, she meets Shishio and gives some important advice to Shishio in regards to his strained relationship with Suzume. Tsubomi advises Shishio to try letting go of his pride.


  • Her favorite foods are macadamia nuts and cheese nibbles.
  • She enjoys photography and playing Othello.
  • She claims to have no true fears.
  • The animal in Tsubomi's name, deer (鹿), is the "ka" in "Kashima." Though 鹿 is normally read as "shika" when standalone, due to kanji having multiple readings, it is the "ka" in this case.



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