Biographical Information
Kanji 矢田
Rōmaji Yada
Physical Statistics
Gender Female
Hair Color Light
Eye Color Light
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives -
Manga day.46

Yada (矢田, Yada) is a student of Satsuki Shishio and a classmate of Suzume Yosano.


Yada has light, shoulder-length, wavy hair. She also has light-colored eyes.


Yada does not show much of a specific personality in the few pages she appears in, other than the fact that she—like many other girls—seems to have a crush on Mamura. She becomes very flustered after bumping into him, and seems to freak out slightly when he talks to her.


Yada was supposed to help Shishio organize the data room during the break time between classes, but Shishio claimed that she was busy and had Suzume help him instead. However, when Mamura asks her about it just a little bit later, she says that she wasn't particularly busy at the moment, making Mamura realize that something was going to happen between Shishio and Suzume.


  • Her only appearance is within day.46.
  • Yada is one of the few characters without an animal in their name.


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