Yasuo Minamoto
Biographical Information
Kanji 源 保男
Rōmaji Minamoto Yasuo
Physical Statistics
Gender Male
Hair Color Dark
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives -
Manga day.1

Yasuo Minamoto (源 保男, Minamoto Yasuo) is a former classmate and friend of Suzume.


Yasuo has short, dark hair and wears glasses. He appears to be slightly overweight.


Yasuo is generally cheerful and seems to care a lot for Suzume, and appears to also have a crush on her. He is very expressive, but is also said by Suzume to be naïve.


  • Yasuo has a side story based around himself and his relationship with Suzume.
  • Yasuo is one of the few characters without an animal in their name.


  • Yasuo inviting Suzume to come back to her school in the countryside for the day
  • Yasuo bringing Suzume sushi
  • Yasuo running away, believing that Suzume had gotten a boyfriend while in Tokyo


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