Yuyuka's father
Biographical Information
Kanji 猫田
Rōmaji Nekota
Animal in Name Cat (猫)
Physical Statistics
Gender Male
Professional Status
Occupation -
Personal Status
Relatives Yuyuka Nekota (older daughter)
Ririko Nekota (younger daughter)
Yuyuka's mother (wife)
Manga day.38

Yuyuka's father is the father of Yuyuka and her little sister, Ririko. He is also the husband of Yuyuka's mother.


Yuyuka's father has short hair and wrinkles around his eyes. He wears glasses and has a moustache.


Yuyuka's father does not show much of a specific personality in the two pages he appears in. However, he and his wife both seem to enjoy Christmas.


During his only appearance, he is eating dinner with the rest of the Nekota family on Christmas.


  • His only appearance is within day.38.
  • The animal in his name, cat (猫), is the "neko" in "Nekota." He has the same animal name as the rest of his family.



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